I feel tons better today! Sleeping and resting yesterday and today was really what I needed! I guess now I can update a bit on how work went since that has been the highlight of my stay here (aside from the Udaipur weekend). Work went incredibly well this week and I have to say there are days in which I feel as if I would be able to stay for the entire duration (up until September 3rd). Then there are days in which I feel so annoyed by all of the accumulated minor inconveniences that I just want to pack my bags and leave. I’m trying hard to find peace in my heart and mind, but there are environment and personal issues that keep resurfacing – those I’ll leave for another time.
Anyway, work went GREAT this week! We (Eric and Maysa) went and visited villages on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday! I was and am still very excited about it! Granted I am a bit fearful for malaria and of my reaction to the pills… I am still happy that work is at least going great! I really love the organization that I am working with and am already learning so much about some of the programs they have implemented here. One thing I am nervous about is that I don’t think I will be able to graduate in December as originally planned since I have to rewrite a portion of my thesis proposal. I’m quite annoyed by that, but I am taking it as is and trying to be thankful for the opportunity and privilege to be able to be in school and for the ability to travel. But yes, work is great! I’ll have to post pictures up when I am able to upload the pictures from my camera to my computer.
I also went and watched the last Harry Potter movie with Dana today! I have to say I’m not a big fan of the new 3D technology but the movie was good. It’s the weekend yet again, and still nothing to do! The bulk of the microfinance group and the Tunisian girls (Asma, Sirine and Feriel) all left for Udaipur this weekend. Dana, Saman, I and a couple other people stayed back. Relaxation is needed for this weekend though, especially after the crazy episode last night.