IMG_5183If you’re struggling with 21st century dating and need to find an outlet to rant, laugh, cry, and sympathize, then the Story Party Tour is a MUST see! Raw, unfiltered and unadulterated comedy of hilarious, sometimes frightening, dating stories from real people!

If you’re looking for a happy ending to a love story this probably isn’t the event for you. BUT if you’re looking to laugh and hear about dating, sex and all the in betweens, get ready for a memorable night of endless, downright raunchy entertainment!

Charismatic, captivating and clever, Elena Gabrielle and Rachman Blake will take you through a night of nonstop laughter! If you’re shy or a little reserved, be ready to step outside of your comfort zone. This is a show that is sure to take you on a rollercoaster ride of ooo’s and aaah’s and might even make you squirm while sitting.

On one level, the show is about their personal dating and relationship stories, and how they were inspired to travel around the world to openly discuss the nuances of 21st century dating. But it is also about creating a safe environment where audiences can anonymously share their stories. A kind of open group therapy, where individuals are encouraged to explore, engage, and of course, laugh to their heart’s content. These personal dating stories will have you contemplating your own and wondering what you’ve been missing out, or how lucky you’ve been. Welcome to treacherous jungles of 21st century dating! Be prepared to massage your cheeks after the show.

To see if and when they will visit YOUR city, check their schedule! Upcoming cities for the remainder of August 2018 include Beirut, Nicosia, Athens, Skopje, Sofia, Plovdiv, and Istanbul.

Beyond excited that I was able to catch BOTH of their shows in Cairo on August 19th-20th at the Greek Campus. For a small glimpse, check out some of their featured stories below: