I’m not sure what to expect anymore and at this point, I don’t even know which will help more, laughing or yelling at someone. So we stopped again to have dinner somewhere off the side of the road. Of course when we started to move again, it started to rain. The windshield wipers are STILL out of commission and our driver is of course, still zooming through the rain as if it were nothing to worry about. Oh! Before I forget! We almost HIT A COW earlier. And now that we’re on the road again, Saman and Dominick went to complain to the driver to have him slow the heck down! Take a guess at how he responded? “Don’t worry I used a potato.” … POTATO!? He told them not to worry because he used a potato on the windshield!!! A POTATO! What the hell is a potato supposed to do!? My goodness… I’ve seriously heard it all here in India. Cairo is ordered chaos, India is just chaos. Walahy I’m not sure if I’ll make it out in one piece. I’m sure I will find this incredibly humorous later on; at this very moment it’s unfortunately discerning and rather frightening that a potato is supposed to make me feel that it’s safe to drive through pouring rain. Oh yeah! Also, one of our back tires exploded… I was sitting in the back of the bus with the guys and the tire exploded… got it fixed at another stop but all the little “signs” are not making me feel safe. My anxiety is kicking up – hopefully music will help me reorient on this crazy ride back to Baroda.