We’re on our way back to Baroda right now and I am not only feeling incredibly nauseous from the bus ride due to the unevenly paved road and the unbearable humidity, but I am also feeling anxious and panicky due to the speed of the bus and just the complete lack of consideration for other people. When we left the hotel we drove for about 20-30 minutes before having to stop on the side of the road because the windshield wiper broke. We stayed parked for quite a while (I’ve lost complete track of time) as first, our driver tried to fix the broken wiper. When that was not possible people told me that he left to purchase a new one. By the time he came back – with what I’m assuming is a new wind shield wiper it had already started to drizzle and within 10-15 second it started to pour. Rather than waiting for the rain to stop or standing outside to fix the wipers he decided to drive. Driving in the rain is fine BUT driving in the rain with NO windshield wiper AND at incredibly high speeds is more than just NOT OKAY! It’s completely crazy and just downright dangerous. I think the icing on the cake is that our driver is only 16 years old – or maybe that’s just the cherry on top of the sundae. I’m seriously freaked out and I’m trying to retain my sanity. I’m not sure how or where to even begin, I can only say that of all the countries that I have been privileged to visit, India is one that I don’t believe I’ll be coming back to soon, or possibly even at all. I am left in complete disbelief.