El 7amdullah I arrived back in Baroda early this morning at around 2:00AM! What was supposed to originally be a 4 hour trip to a supposed 5-star hotel turned into an 8 hour trip to a 3-star hotel! The ride back was supposed to be approximately 8 hours as well since it is the same distance. I anticipated an extra hour and OF COURSE it took longer. I think the total trip took nearly I think approximately 10-11 hours JUST to get back. Following that, we were dropped off at various points so I had no idea how to get back to Nilay’s house. I felt really bad but I had to call Dana and Nilay and see if they could either pick me up or give the rikshaw directions to his home. I tried calling and of course, what else could possibly go wrong?! I HAD NO CREDIT! Had to borrow Saman’s phone and call Nilay. I felt really bad for waking up Nilay and Dana as he has classes and she has early work in the morning. Alberto, Arthur, Jakub, Neil, Saman and I were dropped off at another place. With what seems like a minimal amount of WORKING ATMs, I had barely any cash on me … Nilay gave directions to the rikshaw but I had no phone credit and was absolutely clueless as to where in the city I was currently situated or of the approximate distance and location of Nilay’s house. With no phone credit Neil told me to just stay at his house and figure it out in the morning. Many thanks to Neil!!! So I ended up going with the guys to Neil’s place and now I’m at work, bright – well, gloomy and early.
If there’s anything that I detest it’s the constant lying that I’ve been receiving here in India and also my inability to be independent since I am so reliant and dependent on AIESEC Baroda – for practically EVERYTHING. First I was supposed to be set up with NGO work but that of course didn’t work out as I found it myself. Accommodation is still “in the process” as I came back from a trip that took far more time than was anticipated simply because the people that we have been speaking to can’t seem to tell one ounce of truth! And of course, the internet situation is still utter shit (excuse the language)! The only thing that is keeping me remotely sane is the fact that I am working with a legitimate NGO, one that is relevant to my passions and studies, and that I have met some incredible people from around the world – who are also unfortunately, going through the same crap and treatment.
I’m considering moving my flight up so I can leave two weeks early and just go back and work on my MA proposal and thesis and still plan to hopefully graduate in December.