Udaipur was GREAT, I’ll have to post links to my photography blog if anyone is interested in checking out the pictures. The weather was great, the people were great, the whole city was GREAT! Why did I come back to Baroda?! AHHH! Okay so let’s start with Udaipur then I will fill ya in on the meeting this morning. Let’s start with some background information.
Udaipur is a city located in the Rajasthan state in the northwestern region of India. It is at the southern end of the Aravalli Range and is adjacent to Lake Pichola. Historically, Udaipur is a walled city known as the “City of Sunrise”. There is also a temple overlooking the Lake and various other temples and palaces that were built between the 16th and 18th centuries.
The city is really quite a gorgeous sight! We were really lucky, no rain and the humidity was a very bare minimum if any. It was quite glorious. We went and visited the Monsoon Palace, a garden and went on two different sunset outings, one was to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset. I should preface I went with Brina, Dana and Sam, they are awesome and we definitely had some unexpected bonding. The second sunset boat ride was only with Dana and Sam though because Brina had to leave early… she’s leaving to go back home to Canada soon. Sam will be leaving about a week or so after too… It sucks. So let’s talk about the pleasant things…
Udaipur… well I hope the pictures (will have to post these when I get my camera cord, sorry) will explain themselves! It was seriously quite amazing. There are also LOTS of animals in India that just hang out… I’m telling it’s quite a weird sight and experience. They have these monkeys – which for those who know me, know that I LOVE monkeys! I think they are cute! BUT… even though I think they are cute… I should seriously start reminding myself that they are animals nonetheless. As we waited to get on the sunset boat ride, we saw monkeys and I went too close to take a picture and it chased me! Of course I was NOT paying attention so I actually started running toward another monkey… which I’m assuming was a mother because she was carrying a baby monkey. Good thing Sam pulled me aside because I think i would have been mauled! It’s funny to me now but I’m sure people thought I was crazy! We also saw, what had to be hundreds of fruit bats hanging from the trees… they’re NOT SMALL by any means. In addition to that… as if things could be even more crazy or weird… I saw 2 large bee hives, I couldn’t get a good picture of them but I have to say I am constantly being surprised by weird things in this country! We stayed at a great hotel in Udaipur not very expensive at all, super clean, hot water, CLEAN BED. Also had time to bond with Brina, Dana and Sam; they’re a great bunch. Why did we have to leave!?
Oh yeah I should also mention we took an Indian cooking class! I purchased some spices and some chai tea… by far the greatest tea I have EVER had! So delicious! I can’t wait to make some back in Cairo! It will be a nice throwback to the good memories of India. I will also be able to make some very basic Indian food – which I am still complaining is NOT SPICY enough!!!! I expected spicier food! Hopefully in the time that I have left in India I will find something spicier!
Aside from the trip, Dana and I went and stayed at Nilay’s place. We’ll be temporary staying here until they can find proper accommodations for us. Nilay took us to the NGO this morning, first they said 10AM to us, then they told us 9AM, AND then, yet again, it’s 9:30AM… The NGO we went and saw is a great place, Spandan; it’s a special needs school for children with mental and physical disabilities. Although I really like this NGO and of the work that they are doing, this has NOTHING to do with my thesis and it has nothing to do with what I told him last week before leaving for Udaipur. I, along with the other interns, STILL DO NOT have any accommodations. I feel like I’m about to get really mean again. I hate treating people like this and I personally hate being like this, but being nice is apparently not going to get anything accomplished here.
For the time being I will work and see how things go. In the meanwhile I need to become even more aggressive than usual. Will be asking people what they are doing and see if I can do something for myself. I have patience but this is getting incredibly out of hand. I am also e-mailing Loujaine, the vice president (VP) of my local committee (LC) for AIESEC. I’m sick and tired of dealing with inconsiderate people.