Spoke with Hamza and a bunch of us just yelled at AIESECers. Hamza brought in Jay and Dinesh who are supposed to help us out. I feel bad since both Hamza and Jay are no longer a part of AIESEC and they are now supposed to be cleaning up after them. What I don’t understand is that they’ve informed us that we are not the first group to experience this either. One would think that if you have a problem and it has been identified that one would then take the necessary measures and steps to fix the problem. Even after years of studying people, they NEVER fail to amaze me. I really do believe that an occasional retreat to a cave in complete seclusion might help me retain my sanity.
Oh yeah so the yelling… prior to that, I met another new intern – they seem to be flooding in like crazy now EVEN though old interns still have problems. Anyway, her name’s Katie she’s from Arizona and she’s part of the microfinance group with Alberto, Jakub, and Sam. There’s also another fellow from China, Kim, who is part of the same group. I have to say that one of the good things thus far is the fact that I’ve met lots of really nice people AND that I’ve been able to speak in Mandarin again. Anyway, so we yelled, Dinesh recorded our complaints and our problems on the computer so HOPEFULLY (and I say hopefully because I just have this slightest feeling of wanting to call them BS’ers) things will get finalized. I’m also headed for Udaipur this weekend since there’s NOTHING to do in Baroda.
There’s literally nothing. I’m already not much of a drinker and I smoke socially here and there. Drinking and smoking are BOTH prohibited. So what’s left? Well let’s see when I’m ANYWHERE in the world, I dance. If you know me, you’ll know I LOVE dancing! GUESS WHAT, THERE’S NO DANCING HERE EITHER! I hate this. No working out, no dancing, no nothing! GAH! I can’t wait to be back in Egypt! Hopefully Udaipur will go well. Anyway, supposed to have a meeting on Monday with an NGO at 10AM. Let’s hope this works out. Keep ya posted.