It is now day four… WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS?! I’m very angry and I’m tired of hearing people tell me to stop worrying and I’m tired of hearing the word “tomorrow”. I’d like to believe that I have patience having worked about half my life with various types of people! And I’d like to believe that after working with children and students for around 10+ years, I’ve learned to have patience but this is absolutely absurd!! I have NEVER in my life – even after living in Egypt for a total of a year and a half – have seen people so lazy and just down right inconsiderate! I think what’s worse for me is the fact that instead of taking responsibility for one’s own actions some of these people want to throw out the phrase, “This is how we do things in India”. Who the hell says things like that?! If one engages in rude and inappropriate behavior, one should take responsibility, not blame it on culture or the society. Yes, I understand that I am being completely and utterly idealistic here AND that I am most likely asking too much of people, but for me this is commonsense and always baffling.
From the title and my rant I’m sure one might have already figured out that I STILL have NO work and NO accommodation. How this is even remotely possible only Allah knows! I’m tired, I’m grumpy, I’m _____ <— just insert a negative adjective there. My annoyance is beyond comprehension. I don’t like people telling me “tomorrow” and just not doing anything. I guess I forgot to explain this part… Was in the office, asked AIESECers when I’m going to meet my NGO and all that junk and they just keep telling me tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow… Or the best part… they tell me to wait so they can go on the computer, log onto Facebook and chat, then switch to their Gmail accounts and TRY TO MATCH NEW PEOPLE! People can really piss me off. This is despicable.