Still have not met with my NGO and am still staying at the temporary house. I came prepared to work and was under the assumption that work was already arranged, prior to arrival. I don’t understand what the hell is going on! The only thing that’s keeping my sanity is the fact that I’ve met some really chill people from other countries. There’s Alberto from Italy, Jakub from Czech Republic, Saman from Sweden, Brina from Canada, Sam from New York and of course Emily and Lahiru who I have already mentioned. There are definitely more people but I’m getting sleepy again so I’m going to talk about the other horror I’ve encountered.
Prior to arrival, I had inquired about whether or not I should take any or bring any type of medication as I was fearful of things I might contract here. I was told I had nothing to worry about and today I discovered that there’s a risk for malaria… MALARIA! How is this “nothing to worry about”?!?! Needless to say, of course I have NOTHING because I didn’t bring anything! The best part of all this, I ATTRACT MOSQUITOES! They love me and I detest them! I’ve already been bitten like crazy and have acquired new scars from them. I’m incredibly nervous and I’m not sure how I should take all this except that I am not happy and this is just another added reason for me to feel annoyed and I fear, soon to be pissed off if things do not get accomplished.