It’s currently 8:13AM and I have had approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of sleep. Every day is a challenge… I suppose I should give a recap of the start of this week.
If you read my last post, then you already know about this past crazy weekend. So onto the first day of the work week – Monday. Not much happened on Monday, aside from the usual… bickering with the rikshaw driver as they try to rip me off 5-10 rupees even though EVERYDAY is the same… 20 rupees to get from my apartment to the office. I was about 15-20 minutes late because I had to spend about 30 minutes bickering with the rikshaw drivers after which I had to walk away. I walked across the street to try to find another rikshaw and guess what happens? One of the rikshaw drivers I bickered with decides to drive up and say, “Fine, 20 rupees.” …Seriously?? I face this problem EVERY FLIPPING morning. I get to work and Erik and Maysa just chilled. We had to construct another questionnaire for a new block in Baroda that targets migration workers/families and the impact on their children and their schooling. We were able to leave a bit early on Monday.
Yesterday, Tuesday, was yet another challenge. I seriously had to cuss out the rikshaw driver yesterday because again, like every morning, he tried to cheat me. I go through the same episodes every morning – this is becoming mentally and physically EXHAUSTING! I rarely cuss people out but yesterday morning I had enough. Of course as soon as I get bitchy (excuse the language) and yell at someone, everything works out… Respect does not seem like a first priority with some people out here – ESPECIALLY with regards to AIESEC Baroda. Anyways, I made it to work and Erik, Maysa and I finalized the questionnaire. We were also asked to construct an additional questionnaire geared toward children. We had a pretty productive day. My free time was spent reading Gerritsen’s novel, The Mephisto Club, which I’m almost finished – about 100 pages or so left. After work we (Erik, Maysa and I) went to an HP store so Maysa could get her laptop fixed. I tried to purchase an USB memory stick or external hard drive as my computer has approximately 6GB of free space left; it was too expensive so I decided against it.
Now we’re on our way to a village that’s approximately 2-3 hours from Baroda. I’m excited, but I think since I didn’t get much sleep I’m going to nap. Will check in again later.