I stayed up all last night till early this morning reading the news and having political discussions with friends from the US and Egypt. Currently in the process of writing about those, but I’d thought I’d update my travel blog first. So needless to say, since I stayed up all night, I decided to sleep in. Not much else to do in Baroda on the weekends with no dancing and all that. Slept in and then went with Dana to go to the travel agency to finalize our transportation for Agra and New Delhi next weekend. I have to say I’m quite excited but also rather sad as Dana will be leaving shortly after our trip. The trip should be nice though, heading out on Thursday evening’ish and will be arriving early morning. Will have time to see the Taj Mahal and all that good stuff. I will also HOPEFULLY, find a place so I can get my dance on! I am in dire need to do so! Back in Cairo, dancing is an everyday thing! Headphones in the morning when I’m getting ready for the day, laptop blaring music when I’m in the shower, headphones when I’m walking around, and dancing in the clubs at night… walahy… no dancing now is DRIVING ME INSANE!!!  WALAHY!
So now that I’ve ranted yet again, about not dancing… I am going to go dance in some secluded area. Will keep ya posted on what’s to happen with the trip. In the meantime I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Ciao.