I want to say that things should hopefully be looking up in regards to accommodation – I know I hope that (though I have to admit being optimistic about anything related to AIESEC is just going to mean that I’m setting myself up for failure)… I went back to the office and interns who are part of the microfinance project came back from spending a week in the village. Went upstairs and talked to two people… whose names I have completely forgotten. Any who, supposedly there is another intern house and it’s supposed to be set up today. Shortly following their commentary I talked to Dana and she made a mention in regards to the intern house… something about a curfew…??? Walahy the surprises are never-ending, I just wish they were GOOD rather than infuriating. Respect means absolutely nothing to some people.
Not everything is bad since a group of us just decided to leave for a day this weekend. Need to get the heck out of Baroda away from all the mess. Should be a good stay and one with internet el 7amdullah! Let’s hope everything goes as planned… will check in later for yet another update.